Payday loans lenders only bad credit -Apply for a payday loan with bad credit

Apply for a payday loan with bad credit

Payday loans with bad credit are very convenient financial aid for constant class people who do not have good credit scores and time to meet their financial instability. You can quickly get applied for payday loans with bad credit by site with the ease of this online loan method. No need to leave your home or office.

Those who are struggling with several loans (for example, one for the purchase of a house, one for the payment of the dentist’s services, one for the car and so on) are faced with a rather complicated overall debt situation: more financing contemporaries are not so simple to manage.

Debt consolidation is, in fact, the solution proposed to group the various payables in installments into a single loan, having only one periodic installment available. When the new loan agreement is signed, all previous loans are extinguished as they fall into an installment, which is not said to be greater than the sum of all the previous installments.

This tool is useful not only to have a single counterpart for the various debts that have been contracted but also to defer payments over time: moreover, you can use them when you are struggling, perhaps for an unexpected event or an emergency, with the inability to pay the regularly agreed installments. Indeed, Astro Finance debt consolidation can also translate into a credit extension opportunity, an opportunity to have access to new resources. Moreover, the refinancing can be canceled at any time, totally saving the interest on the capital still owed.

Benefits of Astro Finance Debt Consolidation

An obvious advantage offered by the Astro Finance debt consolidation (thanks to which the credit institution can count on customer loyalty) is that all ongoing loans can be closed very easily: what is certain is that the amount that will have to be repaid will be less than the amounts paid previously. The great advantage of refinancing, in fact, is to guarantee a lower installment for all the loans.

Debt Consolidation Astro Finance: how to request it

Debt Consolidation Astro Finance: how to request it

Anyone willing to apply for debt consolidation Astro Finance is required to present a valid identity document together with the documents relating to the cost of extinguishing the existing loans and a copy of the latest paycheck (if you are an employee; if you are self-employed, however, the Single Model is required).

As with all requests for financing, also, in this case, it is not said that the application that is presented is accepted: in fact, it is subjected to an evaluation procedure which is affected by the presence of any protests and the client’s financial history. In short, if the applicant’s name has been entered in the past in the bad pay register database, it may be difficult for Rata Unica to be granted. To get further information on this, all you have to do is request the Secci European Basic Information on Credit form from Consumers in an authorized agency, in a Astro Finance branch or directly on the company’s website.

Astro Finance Debt Consolidation: example of financing

Assuming that it is not possible to provide valid examples for all since each Astro Finance debt consolidation solution varies according to the specific conditions, it is possible to assume, in any case, the calculation of an installment for a refinancing of the value of 10 thousand euros lasting 84 months, that is 7 years: the expected monthly payment would be 159 euros and 70 cents, with an APR of 9.12% and a Tan of 8.76%, for a total sum due of 13,948 euros and 80 cents. But, it is worth repeating this, each requirement is assessed individually, also based on the guarantees offered by the applicant.

Astro Finance Debt Consolidation: Requirements

In order to have the security of benefiting from the Astro Finance debt consolidation plan, it is necessary not to have had protests in the past and to be hired with an open-ended contract, having an age of at least 24 months: these are the basic conditions, which, however – as mentioned – they may vary and be not taken into consideration in exceptional cases.

What is certain is that the Astro Finance debt consolidation formula is an interesting solution not only for the experience and reputation of the financial company in the sector of reference but also because it allows you to pay a single monthly installment that is lower – and therefore cheaper – compared to the sum of all the installments relating to the various loans previously active, with an interest rate designed specifically to guarantee a simple and safe repayment.


In conclusion, Astro Finance debt consolidation, which is called Rata Unica, is an option that deserves to be considered if you need to bring together various loans into one, both for easier management and for the count on new liquidity: an opportunity worth evaluating with the utmost attention.

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